Who We Are

For as long as I can remember I have been enthralled with various forms of media. Whether it was watching WWF Monday Night Raw, playing Goldeneye on the Nintendo 64 gaming console, the Simpsons & Seinfeld reruns that would come on after dinner, or going to see the Washington Bullets play against the likes of Michael Jordan, there was always something in my 90’s childhood to grab my attention. However what I looked forward to every week was going to the local toy store or driving out to the closest Toys R’ Us and going through the stores as if they were museums. Some times my brother and I would get lucky and maybe come home with an X-Men figure or a lego set.  What I was really going for was the experience and the dream of maybe having some of this stuff one day.  

I started to get into selling and collecting nostalgia through my love of most of the items I sell. I grew up watching sports, Saturday morning cartoons and a lot of movies. Bart Simpson taught me how to rebel, Spider-Man taught me with great power comes great responsibility, and Wolverine taught me that some people are always grumpy. These toys instantly bring me back to those times. I hope to share these classic toys/collectibles with other collectors and people who want to relive some of their favorite moments with the next generation.

Here at Schway Nostalgia Co. we source our product locally in the Washington DC area and across the United States to bring you the best selection we can while also cutting down on carbon emissions by reselling older toys, clothes and collectibles. Due to a lot of product being vintage, most of our items we only carry one of one, so they may not last long however we are constantly adding to our inventory!