1. How does buying vintage collectibles, toys, clothes, etc. help the environment? Answer: By reusing instead of buying new items it cuts down on Carbon Emissions. For every pound of clothing that is saved 3-4 pounds of Carbon Emissions get eliminated from the environment.
  2. I have items I’ve found through cleaning my house or through other means, is it possible to sell Schway Nostalgia Co. some of my stuff? Answer: Yes, feel free to use the contact form here to contact us and we will get in touch with you!
  3. There is a specific item that Schway Nostalgia Co. doesn’t seem to carry that I would like to purchase. Do you take requests? Answer: We love our customers contacting us to let us know what your passionate about! Feel free to make requests, we will do our best to accommodate. Contact us, and we can take it from there. 
  4. Where does the name Schway come from? Answer: When I was a kid I was a huge Batman Beyond fan as well as anything done by Paul Dini & Bruce Timm. The word Schway was used in Batman Beyond as a futuristic version of the word cool.
  5. I live in the Washington DC area and need an item. Would it be possible to meet up or have it dropped off to me ASAP? Answer: We are currently in the process of trying to create a local delivery or meet up option on the site. If you would like more info please contact us. (Extra Fees may apply.)
  6. I was thinking about buying something and someone already bought it. Are you going to restock any time soon? Answer: Maybe? A lot of our items are ‘Catch Can’ which basically means that once they are sold out, we may never get more. We constantly try to update our inventory to provide the best variety for our customers possible, so if there is something you really want and its the only one in stock we suggest you get it before its gone!
  7. Do you guys have a store or ever vend in public? Answer: Currently no to both questions. We hope once the threat of COVID goes down to be able to vend at public events like local markets. 
  8. Do you have a Privacy Policy? Yes, its in the footer menu in the bottom left corner of the screen or click the link here.
  9. Do you have a terms of service and/or a return policy? Yes we do in the footer menu in the bottom left corner of the screen or click the link here.
  10. I live in dc is it possible to get local delivery? Yes, we are based in Northwest Washington DC and offer local delivery within the Cleveland park area and slightly beyond. When you go to order and item the option should become available to you when you type in your address. If you have any issues or questions in regards to local delivery feel free to contact SchwayNostalgiaCo@gmail.com